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Atmosphere was high in the Alumni party!

This year 2008, Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) has celebrated 100 years of university-level education and research in technology. Including the anniversary also TKK alumnies had a chance to celebrate and meet old schoolfriends in the Alumni party. The party was arranged at Dipoli and there was over 1000 celebrators. In the party, there was also over twenty performers entertaining people and the point was to offer something to everyone. Also there was the Pre party and After party where the people could remember good old school years.

From here you can see pictures of the Alumni party: The picturegallery of Alumni party

Best players in the Casino were:

  • Minna Hautamäki 2800 points at Rulet
  • Tommi Ullgrén 2070 points at Texas Hold'em Poker
  • Miikka Hakari 1000 points at Black Jack

The winners in the Alumni party draw were:

TKK pocket flask

TKK history books


  • Markus Heimonen
  • Pirjo Mäkinen
  • Sarianna Markkula
  • Aila Kokkonen
  • Tuula Koivula
  • Christoffer von Schantz
  • Reijo Sanero
  • Eeva Paatela
  • Erkki Raimovaara
  • Paavo Virtanen
  • Tuomo Paljakka
  • Aarno Teittinen
  • Asta Sihvonen-Punkka

  This year Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) celebrates 100 years of university-level education and research in technology.
We welcome all of our alumni to join us in the celebrations!

Welcome to the biggest Alumni party ever at
TKK Dipoli the 5th of December 2008!
The party includes diverse music, buffet tables rich of food and refreshing drinks.

It is time to meet all of your old friends and co-workers! Gather your friends together and come and celebrate!
Register to the centennial Alumni party soon! The registration is limited.


Price of the Alumni party: 80 euros/person

Includes pre parties at Kilta-clubs, opening shots, buffet with drinks, over 10 different performers, casino, karaoke, old films, after parties...

Alumni party's registration has ended. Over 1000 alumni has registrated to the party.

Program of the Alumni party

Contact information